We Let Our Science Speak for Itself – GenBioChem® Triple Fingerprinting

The team behind PBG has been active in the research of human immune functions and herbal medicine for over two decades. Our names are widely associated with the No. 1 selling cold and flu therapy COLD-FX® and several other successful natural health products.

At the centre of everything we do is our GenBioChem® Triple Fingerprinting Technology. Through three routes of chemical, biological and genomic fingerprinting, we guarantee purity, potency, and consistency from batch to batch. Our pharmaceutical standards for laboratory testing and analysis go above and beyond industry standards.

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Dan Jin
Dan Jin
Dr. Dan Jin is the resident Cannabis Research Scientist at PBG BioPharma. She has over 10 publications to her name in the field of cannabis research. She is a passionate force in researching novel uses of cannabis and educating the public about the potential of this incredible plant.

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