Bridging The Gap

Described by Reader’s Digest as a “world-beater” in innovation, our founder Dr. Jacqueline Shan’s passion for marrying the worlds of science and nature is shared by all of us at PBG.

Her vision for a better, healthier future led her to develop the revolutionary GenBioChem® Triple Fingerprinting Technology™, create the number one selling COLD-FX®, as well as other massively successful natural health products, and receive over 25 national and international science and business awards along the way.

You Already Know Us

We’re the scientists and biotechnology innovators that have led the way in bringing natural medicine into the Canadian and international mainstream.

Our Mission

Providing better natural health options to the world through modern science and driving the research forward is both our passion and purpose.

Track Record

The team behind PBG has been active in the research of human immune functions and herbal medicine over two decades. Their names are widely associated with the No. 1 selling cold and flu therapy COLD-FX®* and several other successful natural health products.
All The Experts

Under One Roof


Strong Values

Natural Health
Nature, the original healer. We are inspired by the healing properties in the largely unexplored realm of medicinal herbs through combining traditional medicine and modern pharmaceutical science.
Our team keeps innovating and perfecting our science and technology to create natural health products with the highest pharmaceutical standards.
When you partner with us, there are no surprises. We deliver the same high-quality products each time, every time.
Science backs everything we do. We are constantly researching and updating our knowledge, research/analytical techniques, and processing/ manufacturing technologies. Currently, we are conducting research and clinical trials on the areas of neuropathic pain, Alzheimer’s, broad spectrum anti-viral, and anti-cancer.


Our research team is a multidisciplinary group of scientists and professionals dedicated to furthering innovation in the fields of CBD/Cannabis science for health and wellness.

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We’re a team of scientists who are excited about unique ideas and
help natural health companies create amazing products.

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